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Fresh Spirulina is a blend of micro & macronutrients, composed of enzymes, a full spectrum of minerals, vitamins and high-quality plant-based protein.

Fresh Spirulina Powder & Capsules Digital Store

Hi, there,
Welcome. This is the Fresh Spirulina Powder & Capsules online shop. Here you will find Australian Grown Spirulina Powder in either powder or loose capsule forms.

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Fresh Spirulina Pure Powder

Pure Organic Spirulina Powder, Naturally Occurring Multivitamin & Omega 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids. Source of High-Quality Plant-Based Protein & Minerals Including Iron, an Alkaliser, in packs of 250-1000g.

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Fresh Spirulina Capsules

100% Pure Fresh Spirulina Capsules Packs without any additives or fillers. Every capsule is ~520mg (0.5g) fresh spirulina powder. Loose, not compact.

A nutritionally-rich food to nourish and balance

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Nothing added nothing removed.
100% pure, 100% of the time.

100% natural • Vegan • GMO-Free
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

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More information

Getting started

Nourish your body with organically cultivated Spirulina to give you energy and vitality throughout the day.

This is a natural green powerhouse blend that meets the body needs and contains sources of alkaline chlorophyll, wholefood vitamin B complex, and more than 100 trace minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients to detoxify and support your body.

Or in other words, Fresh Spirulina is a blend of micro & macronutrients, comprised of enzymes, a full spectrum of minerals, vitamins and high-quality plant-based protein. It is wealthy with phytonutrients and rich with antioxidants like beta-carotene, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, zeaxanthin, GLA and SOD. An abundance of goodness encapsulated in one tiny cell with 100% bioavailability.

100% Fresh Spirulina

100% Fresh Spirulina – Grown and cultivated in Australia, the quality is guaranteed. The farmland is certified organic, rural and the spirulina is grown in a controlled, safe environment.

Testing – Our Spirulina is always 100% Arthrospira Platensis, 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals and biology. Every batch is individually handled and inspected for the ideal nutrition value.

How much spirulina to consume

In some cases, you will find Spirulina in the forms of compressed tablets or loose capsule which may be considered mistakenly by many to be something else other than food.
To remove any doubt, Spirulina is food, not a drug or medicine and should be treated as such. It is a highly nutritious food.

A single teaspoon of Fresh Spirulina Powder is 4-7g. Great for adult. For kids, a flat teaspoon is enough.

Note that spirulina contains lots of fibre, you may feel your stomach working hard and may think that something is wrong. Starting from a flat teaspoon and gradually increase to a higher quantity is the best advice.

How much is too much – we know of people that are taking 60g per day. Once again, food not a drug or medicine. A good rule of thumb is 1-3 teaspoons for an adult.

Important – The advice above is non-medicinal and was not written by a doctor or any medical staff. If unsure consult your physician. 


Packaging – the spirulina you purchase on this website is coming straight from the spirulina farm, no middle man such as a physical or online store, for example. Meaning, bulk packaging, simple packaging (as little use of plastic as possible which you can reuse/recycle).

Shipping – We are using next-day-delivery and express services depending on your location, POB only, office or residence.

The usual couriers we use include Australia Post, Toll Global Express Priority and TNT/FedEx.  We have sent over 1000 parcels with them and are happy with the results. We find those courier services to be reliable.

The cost of shipping is included (i.e. free delivery) unless your delivery address is in a remote area. In the case of the latter, the shipping cost is not included and there will be a surcharge. The website will prompt you if required before any payment option.

Delivery – The dispatch itself is done within ±3 business days from your order. Meaning, if you ordered on a Sunday it can happen that your parcel will leave the farm on Wednesday.

When your parcel is dispatched, you will receive two (2) emails. The first is an email from us telling you that your parcel has left the spirulina farm. The second is an email from the courier to let you know that your parcel is on the way.

You can expect, in most cases that your parcel will arrive at you your door/postbox the next day. Meaning, if dispatched on a Tuesday you can expect it to arrive on a Wednesday.

In the case of Australia Post, you can expect your parcel to be left at your door or post box. If any of those options will not work your parcel will wait for you at the nearest post office. 

COVID-19 – The courier is instructed to ATL – Authority To Leave. Meaning, if you are at home or not your parcel will be waiting for you.

Warranty, service and quality

Warranty and guarantee –  It is guaranteed that the parcel arrives at your doorstep or postbox (the latter if fits) or the nearest post office in the right condition (we have sent over 1000 parcels already within Australia, NZ and further away).

Service – The service is protected under the Australian Consumer Law, regulations or otherwise as required by law.

Quality – We take every care to ensure what we sell is of high quality. Our Fresh Spirulina is up to and above the ‘Australia and New Zealand food standards code’.

Money back guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our product and we love the taste. We are so confident that you will enjoy our Fresh Spirulina powder. However, we realise Spirulina Powder is not for everybody. If you are unsatisfied with our product simply email us and we will *refund your entire purchase. Thanks for giving us a try!

(*Subject to the Australian Consumer Law)

Returns – those, if required, are done via email correspondence. We are expecting to hear from you if there is a problem.
Returns are done following the Australian Consumer Law.

Contact us

Contact us via the contact form OR at the phone number at the top of the page. (Note that we are located in a bad reception area - so please, leave a message or text)
Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00

General info

This sub-website ( is dedicated solely for the purposes of purchasing fresh Spirulina in dry powder and capsule forms. If you feel that you need more information please, visit our main website at



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